• Lindsay Mangold

Friday Phone Calls

So many wonderful things happen in our classroom every day. Even the most challenging classes also bring with them moments of beauty and pride. It is important for all parents to hear about the small but great moments with their kids in school. With the academic and behavioral demands on teachers, positive communication can be a difficult addition. Friday Phone Calls is a system I put in place to make a meaningful weekly connection with two families and guarantee weekly positive communication.

Every Friday, I choose two students to spend the first 5 minutes of recess calling home. I dial the parent's phone number, but the child is the first to say "hello." They will read from a card I give them telling their parent why they earned a Friday Phone Call. On the Resources page, I have a template for the card that I give each student in addition to a letter I send home before the first week of calls. This template allows the student to talk without me jumping in, but also gives the parent specifics about the great things their student is doing. At the end of their short conversation, I ask for the phone. I give the parent a quick greeting and thank them for letting me borrow their great kid.

If the parent does not pick up, I tell the student to leave the same information in a message. They feel better when I tell them, "now, you can listen to it over and over with your parent." I also send the card home in their homework folder no matter what. It is just another reminder of the good news.

If a student's family does not speak English, I usually have the student call and share the news in the language that they speak at home. I do try to put the "Friday Phone Call" note card through google translate so they can see it that night.

Systems that support positive sharing helps build stronger relationships with your families!

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