• Lindsay Mangold

First Week: Day 4 - Listening with Understanding and Empathy

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I am embarrassed to admit how much I have grown as an adult from the resources on active listening. What seems obvious at first (making eye contact, thinking about what the other person is saying) is shockingly difficult in practice. As an adult, my personal barrier is keeping my own thoughts quiet to really allow the person to share without me jumping in. My 3rd graders also struggle with active listening. Often times, they want to emphatically agree with another student's sharing or add on to the thought. Lessons like this one need to be taught and practiced over and over to short circuit our poor listening habits.

It is extra important that we follow the same rules that we teach in this lesson. Just because we are the teacher does not allow us to add comments, interrupt a share, or even praise a thought. It is difficult to just let information go out into the circle without commentary. The class and I have to practice together and correct ourselves if we make a mistake.

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